Monday, December 20, 2004

Chomsky & Alexander

The computer was the invention of curious people. Not computer scientists.

It's your choice where to start the history of computing. Use any point along the evolution of counting or mathematics. Or start with Euclid's logic or Blaise Pascal's calculator. You can begin with Descartes methodology or Charles Babbages' difference engine or Alan Turing's models of computation.

But note: these weren't "computer people". They were just people.

Fast forward, past the explosion of business & government use of systems of advanced calculation, past philosophical & practical contributions from the generation of Norbert Weiner & John von Neumann. There are now millions of contributors to computing, who are computing people.

But there are two very odd professors who are not. They are not particularly interested in computers. But their profound influence on computing is an amazing story.


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